Unbiased Review: Top 6 Best Amazon FBA Courses of 2019

Confused by all the Amazon FBA courses on the market? Are you wondering which courses are the best for the beginner? This is an unbiased list of the top six Amazon FBA courses for the new and intermediate seller.

When I was approached by The eCommerce Revue website to review these Amazon FBA courses, I was initially apprehensive. I am a successful Amazon seller who has sold on Amazon since 2013. How could any of these courses possibly help me with my Amazon business? The response was that my experience is exactly what is needed to be able to evaluate these courses to determine if they have any value for the beginner or intermediate seller on Amazon. So I agreed to review the courses especially since The eCommerce Revue was willing to reimburse me for all the course enrollment fees!

I had one stipulation: that is taking the time I needed to evaluate all of the course content which was clearly going to take many months. It actually took over a year to complete. As a seasoned Amazon seller did I learn anything from these courses? Yes, I did. From some courses more than others. This was one of the leading factors in how I rated each course in this review.

I am not affiliated in any way with any of these courses. I am also not a professional reviewer. I have spent many months in each course absorbing the course material. I will give you my true thoughts about each course and their value. I hope that this helps clear some of the confusion in choosing a good Amazon FBA course.

Why take a course in the first place? After all, isn’t all this information already available on the internet for free? The advantage of taking a course is to simply have all the bad advice and noise on the internet filtered out, then distilled down to the essential information you need to be successful, and have it all collected in one place. Taking a good course can save you many months of research and trial and error when starting out. You have to consider what your time is worth. Most of the time you will find that opting for a course is a good investment which saves a lot of wasted time and effort.

The beginner will find useful information in any of these courses. The difference between each one of these courses comes down to teaching style, course focus, after purchase support, and the level of mentoring available to students of the course.

So, enough introduction, let’s get on to the reviews:

1. The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

by Philip A Covington
website: https://ultimate-amazon-seller.teachable.com

The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course is number one in my review list. At $497 it is an outstanding value for beginner and intermediate sellers on Amazon FBA. This is the course that you want to enroll in if you are serious about building a long-term and profitable business Amazon FBA business.

With his 35+ years of business experience, it becomes evident that Philip Covington is the real deal. The Ultimate Amazon Seller course covers topics in detail that the other courses do not. Philip concentrates on business formation and business growth both of which are essential if you plan to have a long term Amazon business. Too many courses just skip over these important issues that every new business faces. I wish I would have had the Ultimate Amazon Seller Course back when I was starting out. I would have saved thousands of dollars on newbie mistakes involving income and sales taxes.

The presentation of the course content is straight to the point without all the annoying fluff in many other courses. If you want to see Philip’s style, take a look at his YouTube channel that covers an extensive range of Amazon FBA subjects. He presents topics in a straightforward and clear manner which I appreciate. Some of the other courses I reviewed could learn a thing or two about how to present the complex information that you need to succeed on Amazon. It is clear that Philip is passionate about Amazon FBA and the process of building a successful business on Amazon.

You get lifetime updates and additions to the course at no additional cost. Philip is continually updating the course with new information as things change on Amazon. There is an area in the course where the additions and updates are listed. Since the course was introduced, it has been literally updated multiple times a month. This is quite impressive since most courses tend to be static or only updated once or twice a year.

I also really like how organized the course modules are. It is clear that that course author really put time and effort into the organization of this course. I consider what my time is worth. I appreciate that the course does not waste my time.

Philip Covington also offers lifetime personal mentoring for all his students and lifetime membership in a private Facebook group dedicated to the course. I sent Philip many email questions over a period of a few months. Each and every one of my questions was answered almost immediately. I appreciate that Philip answers questions himself instead of relying on virtual assistants like other courses tend to do. I also asked him other non-Amazon related business questions which he was happy to answer in detail. I cannot impress on you how important having an experienced business mentor is when starting out.

A very unique feature of this course is that you can optionally enroll with what Philip calls “Hot Product Picks”. What is a hot product pick? According to the FAQ on the course’s sale page:

A hot product pick is a product that I have done the product research on and determined that it is an excellent product to sell on Amazon. I use software that I wrote called an “expert system” – the software has been trained over many iterations to recognize low competition, excellent potential products for the new Amazon seller. Depending on what enrollment plan you pick, I send you detailed and complete hot product pick reports with all the criteria for the particular product chosen and why, the top relevant product keywords, product sales estimates, product details and suggested suppliers for the product. Hot product picks are for the highly motivated new Amazon seller that wants to get a jump start with selling their first few products on Amazon.

Hot product picks are chosen from any non-gated category on Amazon. You cannot specify a category or niche for the hot product pick. Also, all hot product picks will be non-seasonal products.

Philip Covington’s software generates a detailed report which includes suggested suppliers for the product. This allows students of the course to fast track the product research process and get right to contacting suppliers to negotiate the deal. It is easy to get product research paralysis when starting out. I know when I was starting out on Amazon it took me almost 6 months to pull the trigger on my first product. The hot product picks seem like a good way to avoid this initial apprehension that most new sellers have when venturing into Amazon FBA.

It is hard to find fault with the course. Some may find the course’s laser focus on private labeling a downside to the course. The course does cover wholesaling and selling retail items on Amazon briefly, but advises against it. Philip also advises against retail and online arbitrage as well as drop shipping. The reason he gives for focusing on private labeling on Amazon is the significantly greater profit margin on private label products. I have to agree. Before I got into private labeling on Amazon, I tried retail arbitrage and selling wholesale products on Amazon. The profit margins were pitiful. My profit margins on private label products are around 35-45% for most products. My profit margins were around 6% on wholesale items and while the profit margins on retail arbitrage back in 2012-2013 were sometimes considerably higher, there is no opportunity to scale your business with retail arbitrage. It is also not sustainable if you are looking to build a long term business.

The course has multiple modules on dealing with the common problems that Amazon businesses face. It also has modules concerned with how to expand and grow your business which is unique to this course. In some ways, this course is better than a college education in business because the knowledge the course provides is based on practical and real-world experience. I really appreciated those sections of the course.

To summarize, I highly recommend this course to beginners and intermediate sellers on Amazon. The course’s focus on private labeling and building your own brand on Amazon is exactly what I wanted to see in a course. Information in the course is presented with no fluff and is direct and to the point. I appreciate that also since I would rather spend my time building my Amazon business instead of listening to the same fluff repeated over and over again as it was in some of the other courses. The price of the course is an outstanding value when compared to all you receive as a student of the course.

2. The Proven Amazon Course 2.0

by Jim Cockrum
website: http://provenamazoncourse.com

The Proven Amazon Course makes it in second place on this list. At $499, it is a good value for the amount of content in the course. This course is very good for the beginning Amazon seller. You get free lifetime updates to the course and it is actually periodically updated, unlike some other FBA courses.

The first thing to note up front is that this course does not include any mentoring or coaching at all. This is the major negative of Jim’s course. However, Jim does employ a large support staff and issues are dealt with quickly. In comparison to the other courses reviewed below, this is a breath of fresh air, especially for beginners who don’t have much computer or online experience.

A plus is that there is new content added on a periodic basis at no additional cost to the student. Also, a lot of the earlier getting started content has been updated and improved making it less confusing for the beginner. On the downside, there still is a lot of older content in the course that is long outdated. Instead of adding to it, they would be better removing it entirely.

Another negative is that the content in the course is “wide” in breadth instead of focusing on deeper detail and content. For beginners, it can be a little confusing when they expect to hear about Amazon Private labeling when the course is talking about wholesaling on Amazon. The lack of depth in the course will undoubtedly frustrate intermediate sellers and those with any experience selling on Amazon.

However, beginners may find the “width” of subject matter in the course enlightening since many newbies do not know the difference between private labeling, wholesale, selling retail items, retail arbitrage, liquidation flips, FBA vs FBM, etc…

In summary, this course is worth the $499 price because of the wide extent of content provided in the course. My recommendation, if you can afford it, is to take both Covington’s Ultimate Amazon Seller Course and Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course together, especially if you are considering wholesaling or selling retail products on Amazon. Cockrum’s course will give you the breadth and Covington’s course will give you the depth.

3. The eCOM Freedom Course

by Dan Vas
website: https://amzfreedomcourse.com/

The Dan Vas’ eCom Freedom Course just barely edged out ASM in this list and is reasonably priced at $497. Dan has an associated private Facebook group for students of his course. I have rated this course above the Amazon Selling Machine simply because Dan offers much of the same content and methodology in his course at a much lower cost. I would rather invest the extra $3000 I save by enrolling in Dan’s course in my Amazon business and launching products.

Dan does offer personal mentoring for students of his course. The times that I asked questions Dan personally answered which is in contrast to many higher priced courses that employ virtual assistants to answer your questions. However, some of my questions went unanswered and many of my emails never received any response. I took points off because of that. I think that Dan gets overwhelmed with emails and does not have time to answer all of them.

Updates to the course are few and far between. I would prefer that the course is updated more than once per year because things tend to change quickly on Amazon.

Unfortunately, many of the videos in Dan’s course are the same videos you can view for free on Dan’s YouTube channel. So why have I rated this course above ASM or the FBA Ninja Course? Mainly, Dan does a better job of mentoring his students at a cost much lower than those other two courses. Also, his videos are more professional and easier to watch. If you want a preview of Dan’s style, just go to Dan’s YouTube channel and watch some of his videos.

One thing to note is that I have seen many complaints that it is next to impossible to get a refund of your enrollment in Dan’s course. It seems that almost all refund requests are denied. I do not have any personal experience with asking for a refund, but it seems that this is a common thread among many Amazon FBA courses including ASM, FBA Ninja, and Amazon Seller Mastery. If you read the refund terms and conditions of the above-mentioned courses it is almost impossible to meet the conditions. My advice is to make sure that you really intend to follow through with the course before purchasing. It is very unlikely that you will get a refund.

4. Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)

by Matt Clark, J. Katzenback
website: https://www.amazingsellingmachine.com/

At $3997, the Amazing Selling Machine is the most expensive course of those reviewed. It is also one of the original Amazon FBA courses as well as one of the most popular ones. Matt and Jason do a decent job of covering A through Z in starting an Amazon FBA business.

Along with the video lessons, the Amazon Selling Machine has huge events every year with tickets ranging from $400 to $750. The course is heavily advertised and hyped which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular courses on Amazon FBA.

The many videos in the course are actually pretty dry. Almost half the videos in the course are taken up by a blue background and white text. There is a lot of fluff as opposed to practical information. They include videos of coaching calls which seems strange. It is almost as if they wanted to put in as much filler material as possible to make the course appear as having more content than what is actually there. Jason and Matt spend a lot of time at the beginning of each video telling you what is going to happen in the video instead of just getting right to it. At first, this approach seems organized, but after a few videos you find yourself saying “just get to it, please!”.

The good part about the videos in the course is that they give you actionable steps at the end of each video. These are well appreciated and very helpful for the beginner. The videos are presented in chronological order with a road map. I just wish the videos were not so sleep-inducing.

The course is periodically updated as conditions change on Amazon. This is good since some of the earlier techniques that they taught in the course are now prohibited on Amazon such as fabricating fake reviews and other questionable tips and tricks.

Jason and Matt are able to individually add content to the course independently of each other which is good for the student in that the course does not remain static as many other courses tend to do. Jason and Matt seem to know their stuff and they have a large community of students which indicates that many people actually find success if they stick with the concepts taught in the course.

The Amazing Selling Machine teaches a concept of “product tuning” which is a step beyond courses such as Amazon Seller Mastery or Amazon FBA Ninja courses. With “product tuning” you find products that are not doing well, read the negative reviews and comments about the product, and then making minor tweaks to the product to improve it. They do not go as far as suggesting working with the supplier of the product to create a better version of the product, which they consider too time-consuming, but only minor improvements where you can make them inexpensively.

In my experience on Amazon, I find that their concept of “product tuning” does not really go far enough in today’s competitive Amazon marketplace. I prefer the approach that Philip Covington takes in his Ultimate Amazon Seller Course where he stresses “product differentiation” on Amazon. I have found that this approach is more realistic and results in higher chances of success when launching a product on Amazon.

Probably because of the number of students and popularity of the course, forget getting any kind of personal response from Matt or Jason when you have questions. Also, forget any personal mentoring. The course is heavily advertised and hyped which is one of the reasons for its popularity. There also seems to be the sense that the premium price of the course means premium content. I have not found that to be the case. The course is certainly overpriced given the information provided.

In summary, the course has good content and a very large community associated with it. However, based on the concepts taught in the course in comparison to other Amazon FBA courses out there, the price tag is about $3000 too high. I would prefer investing that extra $3000 in my Amazon business.

5. Amazon FBA Ninja Course

by Kevin David
website: https://officialkevindavid.com/amazon-fba-course/

Kevin David’s FBA Ninja Course comes in second to last on my review list. If you want a taste of Kevin’s teaching style just check out his YouTube channel. My problem with his course (as well as his YouTube channel) is that Kevin does lots and lots of talking while conveying very little information. If you distill the information down in his videos, you realize that he could have presented that information in 10% of the time it takes to watch his videos.

It may be a personal nitpick of mine, but Kevin tends to repeat the same “filler” words over and over again in his course videos. One of his favorite filler words is “right”, i.e., “you fill out this form, right”, “you use this keyword, right”, “this is how you select a product, right”, etc… It makes his course videos very hard to watch. Add in his exaggerated hand motions and his videos become unbearable.

Now I appreciate that Kevin makes the attempt at being more animated in his videos, but it is over the top with the hand motions. If he would reign it in a bit, it would be a great improvement.

The course actually has a lot of content. A lot of the content is useful even in 2019 when this review was written. It is definitely a step above Tanner J Fox’s Amazon Seller Mastery, and I would hope so since it costs $1997 which is $1500 more than Tanner’s course! Kevin does explain the reasoning behind his suggestions in the course, instead of “just do this”, “just do that”.

A big issue that I have with the course is that the modules are not sequential and in chronological order. Each individual module is all over the place. It is like Kevin just winged it and did not have any road map in place when he created the videos in the course. A lot of information is repeated in the different modules as I believe at one time you could purchase each module separately. This leads to wasting time skipping around in the videos in the course when content is repeated.

Kevin has many Facebook groups dedicated to his course. A lot of the content in the Facebook group is from people posting screenshots showing how successful they are on Amazon. This seems quite impressive until you realize that many of these people are affiliates who earn commissions for each person they get to enroll in the course. When someone asks a legitimate question in the course, they are spammed by these eager affiliates and many times they never actually get their questions answered. This makes his Facebook groups pretty useless when looking for answers.

Kevin does not offer any specific mentoring in the course. Many times questions just go totally unanswered. Kevin appears to employ virtual assistants to handle some of these questions, but they are generally unhelpful in my opinion. This was a specific disappointment of mine with Kevin’s course.

In summary, I think Kevin was more involved in his course when he first offered it, but like many other FBA course authors, Kevin’s attention has become focused elsewhere. For example, Kevin now has a course on digital course secrets with the biggest secret that he makes more on making courses than he ever made in his Amazon business!

This is an example of more expensive is not better as the $1997 course price is not justified for the amount of useful content and support provided in the course.

6. Amazon Seller Mastery

by Tanner J Fox
website: https://amazonsellermastery.teachable.com/

The Amazon Seller Mastery course comes in the last place on my review list. The reason is that I have found that most of the information in the course can be found for free on Tanner’s YouTube channel. If you watch Tanner’s YouTube videos you will see exactly the style of video he provides in the course. It is basically Tanner talking to the camera and showing screen recordings as he talks you through each section.

To me, the course seems short on up-to-date actionable content. I get the impression that Tanner either never sold on Amazon or if he did, he was not very successful. Much of the content seems old and outdated. Even though the course has been updated since it was introduced, updates are few and far between. Like many of the creators of these Amazon FBA courses, Tanner has moved on to other endeavors and you can see that his course has suffered because of it.

It is also evident that the videos and time spent explaining the concepts were cut short. There are many content and video editing mistakes that were just left in the course. It appears that Tanner was trying to push the course out as fast as possible and this shows in the content presentation. The low quality of video presentation along with the other negative factors landed this course in the last place in the reviews.

Tanner advertises that he offers 2 months of personal mentoring with enrollment in his course. I have found that the mentoring offered is very sparse with quick one sentence answers if answered at all. Mentoring in these courses is very important especially for beginners. It can be the one thing that can make or break your startup on Amazon. I would have liked for Tanner to put more effort into answering questions about the course.

The course is one of the more reasonably priced courses out there at $497. It could compete with other higher priced courses on information content if Tanner would be diligent about updating the course as factors change on Amazon.

Overall, I think the course suffers because of lack of interest by the author. Tanner has moved on to other money-making opportunities and his attention seems focused on new things, not Amazon FBA.

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About the author:

Anthony Cover has been successfully selling on Amazon since 2013.  He lives in Rochester, New York with his wife Roxanne and three children.  Anthony is a former business columnist for the Wall Street Journal, he has written many business related articles for Forbes, and he has worked as an entrepreneurial advocate .